Martin Jack Rosenblum

Music Taking Poetry Too Far

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Pilgrimage Farm Trilogy (CDs)

Recorded as a trilogy but released individually, this boxed set now combines all three albums in a signed and numbered edition. Volume One: No Freedom, Honey - "No Freedom, Honey" is like a greatest hits album from a parallel universe, a great survey of Rosenblum's present-day troubadour music." Volume Two: Places to Go - "The lyrics are imbued with the grain of life experience and mystic consciousness. The music achieves the ideal of a garage band." Volume Three: Spirit Fugitive - "Wisdom and poetry abound on Spirit Fugitive." These quotations are from reviews of the three albums when they were released. Volume One contains alternate versions and out-takes from previous albums and new material. Volume Two contains an anthology section, new material, and more unreleased material. Volume Three contains guitar instrumentals, epic rock and roll, and blazing blues rock. The packaging for the boxed set also portrays the new logo as The Holy Ranger, forever the shaman, shape shifts music taking poetry too far.

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Free Hand

The Holy Ranger's Free Hand, 12th Anniversary Edition (CD)

The 12th Anniversary re-release of The Holy Ranger's Free Hand plus a special bonus track. Produced by Victor DeLorenzo of the Violent Femmes. In addition to The Holy Ranger, the other talented artists who play on this album are: Victor DeLorenzo and Brian Ritchie of the Violent Femmes, Michael Hoffmann, Jim Eannelli and Big Al Ek. Free Hand was Martin Jack's sonic text that followed his The Holy Ranger: Harley-Davidson Poems book which is a licensed product identifying the mythopoetic Holy Ranger way of life. The Holy Ranger's Free Hand is the only album sanctioned by America's most famous motorcycle manufacturer at its original release, and the only authentic work of its kind within Motorcycle and Rock and Roll Cultures. That was twelve years ago. Today, here, it is available once more with a special bonus track, remastered by the original engineer, Michael Hoffmann.

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Down on the Spirit Farm

The Holy Ranger - Down on the Spirit Farm (CD)

Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum's visions are fully revealed on this mysterious collection of fourteen songs, released on the ROAR label to a cult following. The Spirit Farm band was Martin Jack's most hermetic group and is produced by Scott Finch of Gypsy fame; the solo material on the album is produced by Ian Spanic of The Spanic Boys.

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Down on the Spirit Farm

Down on the Spirit Farm: 12th Anniversary Edition

Down On The Spirit Farm: 12th Anniversary Edition; re-mastered, alternate song list, and bonus track.

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No Freedom Honey

The Holy Ranger - No Freedom, Honey (CD)

Volume I of the revival of Martin Jack's music, this CD contains rarities, out-takes, alternate versions, and new material. Produced by Victor DeLorenzo and Martin Jack.

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Places to Go

The Holy Ranger - Places to Go (CD)

Volume II of the revival, this CD anthologizes the best of previous albums and presents new songs. Produced by the internationally recognized guitarist and recording wizard, Michael Hoffmann.

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Spirit Fugitive

The Holy Ranger - Spirit Fugitive (CD)

Volume III of the revival, this album contains guitar instrumentals, new epic songs, and rocking, authentic American music. Produced by Michael Hoffmann immediately after the PLACES TO GO sessions.

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Poems Book

The Holy Ranger: Harley-Davidson Poems (Book)

This is the only poetry text ever written that reveals the mythopoetics of motorcycle culture. The book is a licensed product of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Out of print for nearly a decade, a limited quantity is again available.

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Orange Project

The Orange Project: Unfettered Transfer (CD)

This rural album of urban music is an American ghost mapped by haunted surveyors.

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Music Lingo

Music Lingo by Martin Jack Rosenblum and Jack Grassel (CD)

Music Lingo is a verbal and musical duo live performance, now for the first time on CD and in its fourth edition. This is not jazz accompanying poetry. This is not a poem set to guitar inventions. This is Grassel's music and Rosenblum's poetry successfully seeking a unified level, establishing a new art form altogether. It is music and poetry that is too crazy for your body.

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Loose Recluse

Loose Recluse (CD)

The tradition at Martin Jack Rosenblum's concerts in the eighties and nineties was always to bootleg freely. There are countless audio and visual live performances that are copied and traded, but LOOSE RECLUSE is the first "official bootleg". It also is the first gig since 1993 except for one in the year 2000 (that is bootlegged, of course!) for eight thousand people at the Milwaukee Auditorium. LOOSE RECLUSE has five cuts including the bonus repeat of a studio re-mix of one of the tracks. The concert took place on 22 November 2002 and is described in the liner notes. The album is available while supplies last, and features Martin Jack on vocals, acoustic guitar, and harmonica with Michael Hoffmann on electric guitar and Vincent Orange on electric bass.

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Swamp River

Swamp River (CD)

Martin Jack Rosenblum

This live, solo album was recorded at the Orange Studio, straight- through (with an audience though sans any recorded presence of people who were present to listen in silence), and mastered by Trevor Sadler of Mastermind. Just to take the jagged edge off a forceful, craggy performance on slide guitar, six and twelve string guitar, banjo, harmonica and, of course, hermetic vocals. Michael Hoffmann, Victor DeLorenzo, The Orange Man, and Melanie Jane make sonic contributions to Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum's new songs, here and there. The Holy Ranger avoided the recording session altogether, now and then. While each is a totally original composition, every song pays tribute to influences upon Martin Jack's artistry, working from the Blues through Rockabilly into the unique Bard Rock that is Rosenblum's signature scrawl. SWAMP RIVER is out of the blue and into the grey.

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Pilgramage Farm Trilogy Unsigned

Pilgrimage Farm Trilogy (CDs)

Retrospective Boxed Set with New Songs

Unsigned and not the numbered edition, but with a dynamic remaster of the Spirit Fugitive album and new packaging. Three CDs: Volume I, No Freedom, Honey; Volume II, Places to Go; Volume III, Spirit Fugitive. With the same description as the signed, numbered edition (confer previous listing), this retrospective trilogy presents historical work and new material from the late eighties through the early twenty-first century from Martin Jack.

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NAVIGATOR by MVM is a different voyage for Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum, Purveyor of Bard Rock. Martin Jack as a singer/songwriter has fronted bands such as Blues Riders and Holy Ranger in the eighties, Tribal Frontier and Spirit Farm in the nineties, and was a solo traditionalist during the Folk/Blues Revival in the sixties and in a jug band, Morning Valley, and a blues band, Regulators. In the fifties, he was a solo Rockabilly performer, tagging on with numerous crazed bands leading the new music. Through the late sixties into the later eighties he published many books of poetry. MVM brings it all together and is not fronted by Martin Jack nor does he take a solo attitude. NAVIGATOR is a collaborative album, a first for Dr. Martin Jack, with Victor DeLorenzo (of the Violent Femmes) and Malachi DeLorenzo (who is Victor's son and a musician/recordist wizard). All of the songs on NAVIGATOR come from a triad vision. It is the first album Martin Jack has not done with a front or solo sensibility and the brotherhood of Victor and Malachi float the verbal and melodic Martin Jack contributory craft down sonic rapids.

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Omen Dirt


New Album: Gothic Folk stone on a Rock and Roll mountain.

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Ice Thorn

MARTIN JACK AND WEREWOLF SEQUENCE: Ice Thorn: Singles (Collection)

New Album: Arcane Rock and Roll with Poetic Hermetics.

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